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UnoX Driver - 10.5°

Price: $299.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: UnoX #1/10.5
Manufacturer: Fox Sports
Average Rating: Not Rated

Trinodal Shaft Flex:
Length (*please note, you can only return under our 30 day risk-free program with standard length):
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UnoX Driver - 10.5°
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The Fox UnoX Driver is finally here!

Remember: DISTANCE is NOTHING without ACCURACY...

Our loyal customers asked for a new driver... But we don't make new products with just new cosmetics!  We've been developing our new Uno driver with additional functionality, forgiveness and workability in mind.  

Fox also knows that many people have gone to the huge 460cc heads. Well, there are pros and cons to having a larger head.  If you don't have the right shaft to go with the head – nothing else will matter. When you have a huge oversized head and you hit the ball off center, you will have more correctional issues.  There’s always give-and-take when you’re designing any golf club. You can have added forgiveness or added distance – but the key is to have equilibrium.

We've taken the stance that “bigger” is not necessarily "better."  We’ve taken the properties of what makes our original Uno2k so forgiving and playable and expanded on those characteristics.  Control and accuracy, in our minds, is paramount over distance.  As golfers, we all know that being 10 yards shorter, but in the fairway is much more desirable than being further – but in the rough!

Try the new UnoX today with our new and improved Trinodal shaft – we back all of our golf products with our unconditional 30-day guarantee. There are a lot of manufacturers that may offer that nowadays, but we’ve offered it from the very beginning. We have confidence that you’ll like our clubs, and if you don’t, we’ll make it right!

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UnoX Driver - 10.5°
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UnoX Driver - 10.5°
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UnoX Driver - 10.5°
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