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Uno2k Driver Review

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Driver, 9 degrees, Microfibre FW TriNodal graphite, regular Length 45 3/4", Swingweight E 1.5,Overall Weight 303gr

Everything about the Fox Uno 2K driver is unique to Fox. The head, which looks a great deal like a Ping TiSI head actually predates the Ping. The shaft is a proprietary design of Microfibre, a sister-company to Fox. It consists of a filament wound, charcoal-colored graphite shaft that swells to three 'nodes' at various stages along the shaft. The grip is a beautiful brown, natural leather. The giant head is 'pre-set' - the face is in front of the shaft. The ferrule is like two, little donuts sitting at the base of the shaft. The head is made from a hard, metal-matrix composite again unique to Fox. The face is asymmetrical in shape being larger in the toe area than the heel. The sound made is a high pitched 'ting' similar to the Ping TiSI - too metallic for some - very pleasant to others.

The review process for this driver, and the matching woods, has dragged on a long time. Why? Because wereally are not sure what to think about them. We have had extremely good results from numerous testing sessions with the Fox driver over an extended period of time. In several comparative sessions it actually has lead all competitors in distance and accuracy. The abnormally high swingweight and the overlength, lightweight shaft create good, solid contact on a consistent basis. Distances have been good and trajectories have been ideal. The shots are long and gracefully arched, carrying well at a moderate height. Unlike most drivers, however, it works well as an easy, safe driver and as a crank-it-back-and-slam-it driver. It does, however, take a while for most to believe that the shaft won't snap off if it's slammed hard. We've gotten some very big hits out of the Fox, but generally speaking, the Fox does not inspire a golfer to go for the gusto. It is not an aggressive feeling club. It inspires restraint, not bravado.

The corrective properties of the head design are excellent. Mishits flew much straighter than average. The Uno 2K has a good habit of keeping the ball in the fairway. One testing round on a tight mountain course with the Fox yielded a 100% accuracy rate for fairways hit all with respectable yardages. Controlled fades have been easier than long draws. Shots can be worked in either direction, but there is a substantial amount of corrective bulge and roll on this large, preset face. It takes some time to get used to aligning the face in any direction other than straight. Everyone has made the driver work well for them and have found the distinctive feel, sound and look to be very interesting. It looks like a "designer club", but performs up to very high standards.Our testers all like it, but only moderate interest has been shown in making it a regular addition to anyone's bag. We are not sure why that is the case.

The Fox has its own mystique, but it is apparently just too different for some to accept. It just doesn't seem to fit anyone's image of what a club should be. The numerous design innovations all come together to work well. Perhaps, there are just too many of them in one place at the same time for most minds to accept. Of the three testers who have hit the Fox very, very well, one thought the head too large and the ferrule too peculiar. One did not like the leather grip and rubber grip collar and another was distracted by the narrow, undulated shaft design. What one golfer likes, another dislikes. We would not recommend that the manufacturer make any changes to the club - it works exceedingly well as it is. We just still don't quite know what to make of it. Success with most drivers comes and goes with individual hitters - they switch clubs often.

The Fox seems to be unwavering in its ability to remain consistent in testing session after testing session. We suspect that in time, a number of testers will want to play the Fox regularly - its testing record is just too excellent to ignore. Doubtless, this club is perfect for numerous golfers, but you will just have to test this one out yourself to see if you are one of them. If you value innovation and originality in golf clubs, this just mightbe the ticket for you. It certainly does all you could ask of a driver. Thanks to a 30-day trial period offered by Fox testing the club is a real possibility.