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Uno2k Woods Review

Uno2k Woods by Golf Today

Within 60 days, the 21st Century will make its debut, with life immediately in the new millennium promising to be much different than during the 1990's. E-Commerce will become routine. Instant communication via your wristwatch will be "old hat" before you know it and the clock strikes 12. Travel in a spacecraft around the earth will be available to civilians in good enough health and with deep enough pockets ($100,000.00 per person). Along with all these innovated changes, it should come as no surprise to anyone, design itself will also wear a 21st century look, still to be defined and developed, but yet certainly to be excitingly different than it is today.

Designers of the Uno 2K golf clubs are certainly in the forefront in making a statement about what direction design itself will take at the start of the next millennium. Functionality of a club, of course, must be the first consideration of any club-maker. Does it perform well? Does it help produce longer drives? Does it allow the player to "work" the ball? Does it help remedy common swing problems like slicing without sacrificing distance and control by the golfer?

First about the design of the Uno2K by Fox Golf. For starters, how about it's unique tri-nodal shaft? You heard me: tri-nodal shaft. Designed to create the best trajectory, the three nodal shaft flexes are intended to control the kick point so that at just the right moment you have the opportunity for the most distance and for more control. The tri-nodal shaft is the first I've even seen, and it makes me wonder what's in store when it comes to shaft designs hereafter.

At first look, because of its deep shiny black color, the Uno 2K driver looks like a club that may have been used by Darth Vader had he ever put down his deadly laser sword. The three nodals on the shaft are certainly ominous, a prelude by appearance, at least, of further distance and more control. Fox Golf's team of scientist created this series of woods by integrating metal matrix materials with the new revolutionary tri-nodal shaft. Nothing like a quantum push of technology up to the next new level.

The Uno 2K woods use a highly sophisticated manufacturing process, which allows for the synthesizing of composite metallurgical materials. This metal matrix composite material cerates a playing surface which provides for an expanded sweet spot, a confident feel and increased durability. The air channel-designed sole plate provides the least amount of air resistance and provides the most efficient, free-flowing swing. The weighted fairway woods with channel ridges keep the center of gravity low in order to glide through any lie. To say that the Uno 2K series is trend setting seems an understatement, considering its homogeneous shaft and head design concept. The total club weight and high swing weight create the most effective energy transfer coefficient at the moment of impact. And you know what happens then.

The Uno 2K wood series is available as follows: #1 Driver, 7 and 9 and 10.5 lofts; #3, #5, #7 woods, with all flexes. Shaft options include Fox FW-Trinodel graphite. Price on these woods is $279.00 suggested retail for the driver, $229.00 for the other woods.

Fox also makes a Pro Line of irons, 3-PW, with 1, 2, SW and LW also being available. The price for the irons with Dynamic Gold Sensicore shaft is $429.00. Fox also makes junior clubs, putters, and accessories such as staff and stand golf bags. Fox Golf is a division of Pro Sports U.S.A. For more information on Fox Golf Clubs, call toll free 1(800)752-9369.

I think you'll agree that starting with the looks of the Uno 2K clubs and ending with their performance, the 21st Century got a head start in the golf industry thanks to these new revolutionary clubs by Fox Golf.