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M2 Irons Review

M2 Irons review from

Tested: True Temper Dynamic Gold Sensicore steel, regular flex 5-iron length 38", Swingweight C8, Overall weight 413gr

The Fox Uno M2 irons are a handsome and classy-looking set of irons. They present a unique and distinctive appearance that all here have found pleasing. As the manufacturer states: "The M2 Dual Weight System Irons provide the best of contemporary and classic iron design combining perimeter weighted irons and traditional muscle back blades." What results is a refined and passive-looking set of irons that speaks of control and ease - not a macho set in any sense of the word. The Dynamic Gold Sensicore steel, the 431 stainless steel and a low swingweight combine to make this an extremely easy, pleasant iron to hit. The unique cavity design, traditional lofts and excellent alignment graphics also make this one of the most accurate irons we have hit to date. They are a favorite here at GCR.

Modern manufacturers have found that the average, male buyer of golf clubs will, if given the opportunity to test hit a set of irons, most often go with the set that gives him maximum distance as compared to maximum accuracy. Most manufacturers have upped their shaft lengths and reduced their head lofts to generate more distance with each iron. This obsession with distance is one of the primary reasons why golf scores have failed to improve noticeably in the last thirty years in spite of all of the improvements in clubs, balls and courses. It is also why so few golfers have any real justification for carrying a 2 or 3 iron; why some manufacturers now sell sets of 4-PW and should soon be making that 4-GW.

It must be stated that the Fox M2s are set at traditional lofts - an 8-iron hits like an 8-iron, not a 6 or a 7. Players who want to brag about how far they can hit their 8-iron should look elsewhere. Players who want to nail small greens on a tight course with a 3-iron should read on. The standard shot trajectory patterns are high and lofted - no screamers. Fox informs us that a stronger-lofted version will be available in the future for those intent on keeping up, distance-wise, with their buddies.

The head design of the M2's is a sound one. It was created by Dr. Ming T. Chen, the proprietor of this Salt Lake City company. The rounded weight bulge is set at impact point within the deep cavity giving the design some of the benefits of both cavity and muscle back irons. The toplines are relatively thin and the look at address is comfortable and easy to align. As a point of common reference, side by side comparisons with the newer Ping i3 OS reveal both irons to be nearly identical in head height, blade length, toe height, moderate, constant offset and general set-up at address. The apparent visible differences being the added loft and extra, lower toe weighting of the Fox's.

Our testing results with the M2's have been very positive. Results of their, on-course exams - on one of our toughest, tightest area courses - were exceptionally fine as well. The irons were dead accurate. In fact, they turned in one of the best test reports concerning accuracy and control for new irons that we have ever received. To date, all of our testers have found the Fox M2's to be very appealing and attractive - an easy, accurate set of irons. Control and workability are first rate.

The feel, considering the Sensicore inserts, is not dull or muted as might be expected. If you hit a 3-iron thin, you'll feel it. Feedback is respectable. Forgiveability of the head design is apparent at all times. The weighting pattern is a good one. Quality and consistency throughout the set were first rate as well, especially considering the low price. The matching sand wedge has been hit by five testers and each was thrilled by its easy precision. The shots were soft, short and gentle, making it an ideal third wedge for those not comfortable with lob wedges. It has arguably achieved the most accurate patterns (from the turf) of any sand wedge tested to date. From the sand and heavy rough, it is competent as well.

This wedge was designed to match the M2 set, but has proven to be a good, versatile, little wedge on it own. we strongly recommend that any golfer seeking more control in his iron game check out the Fox M2's. We also strongly recommend that those power players who need higher, softer shot patterns try them also. Do not be mislead by the low price; this is a quality set of irons. The addition of a stronger-lofted version of the M2's should make them appealing to an even wider spectrum of male golfers. Of course, with stronger lofts you won't have 3-wood you can easily hit and stick a green with.