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Fox Golf developed the Uno 2k woods by using principles governed by the laws of natural physics. Our team of science engineers have created a series of woods that integrates metal matrix materials along with the new revolutionary Fox Filament Wound Trinodal graphite shaft.

Through a highly sophisticated manufacturing process, titanium is combined with metal matrix composite materials to provide a hitting surface equal to the hardness of diamonds. The end result is an expanded sweet spot, confident feel and increased durability. To put it more simply, you'll hit the ball longer and straighter.

Our air channel designed sole plate provides the least amount of air resistance thus allowing a more free flowing swing. It also allows the club head to cut through difficult lies for clean hits.

The Fox Filament Wound Trinodal graphite shaft has three nodes that run down the shaft. The top node by the grip of the club helps cut down vibration. The bottom two nodes interact with each other to help control the kick point and reduce torque specifically for each flex. This enables you to control the trajectory and enhance clubhead speed for greater distance. All of Fox graphite shafts are filament wound (F.W.). This means our graphite shafts are literally wound 360° with graphite strands using advanced technology to maintain extremely tight tolerances. Most other graphite shafts are table rolled which creates multiple seams up and down the shaft. These seams can make the shaft inconsistent. The Fox FW-Trinodal graphite shaft does not have any seams because it is filament wound!

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Uno 2k Driver - 7°
Uno 2k Driver - 7°
Uno 2k #1/7°