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Junior Sets

Utilizing today's technology, along with years of designing clubs, the Fox M2 Junior Set offers the highest quality and best fit in golf equipment for the junior golfer.

The Fox M2 Junior Set is crafted with the same materials and workmanship found in professional quality golf equipment. There has been an extra effort in designing the proper shaft and head to fit each age group!

Fox M2 Junior Set 5-9: 16° Fairway wood, 5-7-9  irons and wedge, all with Graphite Shafts, a putter and carry bag.
Fox M2 Junior Set 10-14: 13° Driver, 5-7-9 irons and wedge, all with Graphite Shafts, a putter and carry bag.

The carry bag has two "backpack" style straps, to make it easier to carry. Additional #3 iron & 16° Fairway wood or 13° Driver (depending on the set make-up) on graphite shafts can be added.

The Fox M2 Junior irons are made with 431 stainless steel heads for a soft feel. They also combine the forgiveness of our Dual Weight System perimeter weighting along with the muscle back design for immediate feedback on miss-hits.

The woods have a large, forgiving sweet spot, 17-4 stainless steel heads and cambered sole help to get the ball airborne quickly and easily. We feel this will help young golfers develop confidence in with their woods at an early age!

*Because of variations in size, reference measurements are approximate. We suggest the following when ordering:

• Age group 5 through 9 would be approximately 50-56 inches in height and 50-84 pounds.
• Age group 10 through 14 would start at 57-62 inches in height and 85-110 pounds. We also offer
  regular shaft and stiff shaft for this age group.
• We recommend our Fox Uno 2k Woods & Fox M2 Irons for over 63 inches and 110 pounds.

Sets & Ordering Info
Sets & Ordering Info