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Uno 2k / 18° #5 - Fairway Wood

Price: $179.00
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Model: Uno 2k #5 Wood
Manufacturer: Fox Sports
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Uno 2k / 18° #5 - Fairway Wood
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The Fox Uno 2k fairway woods are designed with a low center of gravity to help get the ball up quickly. Difficult lies are no longer difficult with the Fox Uno 2k fairway woods. The shape cuts through any rough or long grass effortlessly, and with great control.

Our fairway woods are great from all lies -- whether you're in the sticks, the long grass or the fairway (that is, if you're teeing off with the Fox driver!) this club does the job.

The Uno2k #5 wood hits long and straight. The trajectories are good for the distances they're meant for - but also for "stopping" the ball. Go ahead and go for the green, the low center of gravity helps get the ball in the air and to stop it where you're aming with the perfect amont of spin.

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Uno 2k / 18° #5 - Fairway Wood
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